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 SIP Trunk Channels:10
 No of Extensions / User:40
 DID Number:1
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Add SIP Trunk Channels

Add up to 6 SIP Trunks Channels.

  • SIP Trunk Channel

Add DID Numbers

Cost includes both One Time Charge and Monthly Charge.

Special Discount applies according to the quantity you choose, check your cart for discounted total amount.

E.g. For 2 DIDs, the OTC will be $20 and MRC $12.00. For 7 DIDs, the OTC will be $15 and the MRC $10 and so on.

  • Additional DID Numbers

DID Charges

 Quantity1 to 4​5 to 9​>10​​
 One Time Charge (Activation) per DID $20 $15 $10
 Monthly Recurring Charge per DID $12 $10 $8

    Add Security Deposit

    Fully refundable at the end of contract after deduction of outstanding charges if any

    • 敷金16SC(契約満了時全額返金) ( ¥50000 )

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